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World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps II This time in Germany!

Posted on September 24, 2018 - Filed Under Uncategorized

Start saving now and contact all your Pulskamp relatives! 2020 marks the 175th anniversary of our family coming to America! To celebrate, we invite all the Pulskamps to visit Germany and see where it all started. We have not yet set a date, but we are starting to save up so we can take as many of our immediate family as possible. We are aiming for some time between May and July. The plan is to visit the farm in Merzen if they will have us and to explore the area where our family lived. There are some interesting museums in the area that should be fun. My immediate family is looking to rent a large house that we can use as headquarters but each family will need to make their own transportation and housing arrangements. Let us know which dates might work best for you.


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