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Update on the Original Farmstead

Posted on November 6, 2009 - Filed Under Family history, Pulskamps Today

Those of you who were able to attend the World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps (August 1-3, 2008) probably got a chance to visit the original Pulskamp farmstead. This is the property which Herman H. Pulskamp bought in Indiana just weeks after landing in America. The property was for sale in 2008 and my second cousin, Barry Pulskamp, was happy to purchase it for his family. Barry and his wife had been looking for a property in the country, so it all came together perfectly. They invited the whole family to visit and many of us did, some arriving in hay wagons pulled by cousin Leon’s antique tractors.

Barry has sent me an update on the property. They have removed the old house that was on the property. (It had been built some time after the original homestead had burnt down, so it held no real historical interest.) They are having a lovely home built on the site and they have put in a pond, which is filling up from natural rainfall. Barry sent an aerial view of the property. Notice the trees along the drive on the left of the photo? Those trees were planted by our ancestors and once lined the drive to the original house.

Pulskamp Farm 2009

Pulskamp Farm 2009


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