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The Pulskamp Poll 2008

Posted on December 1, 2008 - Filed Under Family history, Pulskamps Today, World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps

As you may recall, if you were at the World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps, Birgit Pulskamp from Germany gave us a little poll to fill out. The following are the results of that poll. I don’t know how many Pulskamps completed the form, but it provides an interesting bit of information about our wonderful family. Enjoy!


Dear all,
Here are some interesting and funny results of the official “Pulskamp Poll 2008” which was done during the World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps in Cincinnati in August 2008:

The total average-Pulskamp-woman in 2008 is 1,65 metres high, with a weight of 68 kg.

The total average-Pulskamp-man is 1,83 metres high with a weight of 90 kg.
The heaviest Pulskamp weighs 139 kg, the smallest 8 kg .
On average, the Pulskamps seem to be in very good shape and are very sportive!

On average 38 % of the Pulskamps have blue eyes, 36 % brown eyes.

45 % of the Pulskamps have brown hair and 40 % grey hair (!) – oh, yes the Pulskamps
are becoming very old.

The oldest participant at the world gathering was 96 years old, the youngest 6 months.
Most Pulskamps are born in June (13 %) or January, February and October (10 %).

The Pulskamps are real individuals – there are only John, Kay, Mary Jane and Kathleen Pulskamp whose name exist two times in the poll. All other first names are individual names – so far only once in the world.

The Pulskamps are very international – 72 % of the Pulskamps have been in Europe before. 58 % have been in Germany before. Hopefully this number will be increased in the next years!

The Pulskamps are Rocker or Country Singers – 28 % of the Pulskamps like Rock & Roll as their favorite music style, 26 % Country music.

The favorite ice creams of the Pulskamps are Chocolate (37%) and Vanilla (26%).
The favorite sports of the Pulskamps are American Football (26%), Basketball (16%) and Baseball (12%).

The key/best experiences for the Pulskamps in 2008 according to the poll have been:

1. Visiting their own family and having fun together.
2. Going for holidays.
3. Buying the Pulskamp Farm (Thanks Barry! Well done!).
4. Managing to get a year older/still breathing/I’m still here.

The “craziest” Pulskamp experiences in 2008 have been e.g.:

1. To organize a World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps (Thanks Ellen and family – great job!)/The World Wide Gathering/Reunion
2. To figure out how over 200 Pulskamps are related (and to print this out correctly – thanks Jennifer, well done!).
3. Being close with bears during a vacation in the west.
4. Marrying into this Family/Marrying a Pulskamp with a great sense of humor.

47 % of the Pulskamp World Gathering visitors were coming from 100 miles and less to Cincinnati, 28 % were arriving from up to 1.000 miles, 7% from up-to 2.000 miles and six people were coming from overseas with more than 4.000 miles (7.000 km) from Germany.

Thanks to all participants in the official Pulskamp poll 2008 – see you at the next World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps, maybe in Germany………where everything started.

Best regards from Germany
Birgit, Elfriede, Georg and Volker


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  1. Sr. Mary J. Pulskamp, SMP on November 30th, 2017 7:39 pm

    I was at the World Wide Pulskamp Reunion in 2008. It was an overwhelming experience, meeting family members I didn’t know existed. Three of my siblings (Joe from ND, Leo from MN and Bertha(Panther) from IA and several of their children. I was from IL at the time. Thanks so much to Ellen Turner who organized this wonderful experience. I wish our Dad, Jacob Pulskamp, could have been with us. He died July 23, 1953 at age 69.

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