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Pulskamp Diversity

Posted on November 15, 2007 - Filed Under Family history, World Wide Gathering of the Pulskamps

The Pulskamp clan started in Merzen, Germany, so you would be correct to think we are German Americans, but over the years in America we have become a very diverse group. Our family now includes members with ancestors from all the inhabited continents (well, I am not sure about Australia, though I have found links to Pulskamps on Australian sites). So, we are German, Irish, African-American, Indigenious American (Navajo and other), and Asian.

The original Pulskamps, like the current owners of the farm in Merzen, were Roman Catholic, but our clan now also includes those without religious affiliation as well as Protestants, Jews, and Muslims.

While no cousin has to date told me of being gay, if we reflect the rest of the population, some of us must be gay. We have at least one, possibly two, transgendered members of the clan. (I have a nephew, Txy, who started life as a niece.)

Among other professions, we are school teachers, farmers, artists, business owners, executives, doctors, therapists, Olympic-level swimmers, and happily retired folks. On Saturday, our clan will increase by one more as my niece and her husband complete the adoption of their son Liam, a member of a California Native American tribe. Life is grand indeed!

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  1. John R. Pulskamp on May 26th, 2008 10:26 am

    Actually, Líam’s biological ancestry appears to be predominantly from the Maricopa, Akimel O’odam (Pima), Pawnee, and Yuma or Cuchan tribes. Brighid’s daughters are from the Serrano and Cahuilla tribes. The Maricopa, Akimel O’odam, Pawnee are not California Indians. The Cuchan people probably overlapped Arizona and Mexico, and perhaps a little into California, but I don’t think they are usually thought of as “California” Indians. The Serrano and Cahuilla tribes are California peoples though.

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