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New Photos of Old Home, Cincinnati

Posted on March 31, 2008 - Filed Under Family history, Pulskamps Today

Cousin Patricia O’Hara and her dear husband made a trip over to the old haunts recently and sent me some fresh photos of the house my grandfather lived in as a child. The house is located at 1608 Young Street, Cincinnati and I featured it in a few posts some time ago. (You can find those posts by using the Search tool on the right side of this page.)Pulskamp house on Second Street, 2008

Pulskamp house on Second Street, 2008, view 2Pulskamp house on Second Street, 2008, neighborhood viewThese photos were taken recently and it makes me happy to see the flower boxes because it looks like someone is taking care of the place. (Though the flowers may be plastic. It’s the thought that counts. Right?) They also sent a nice photo of the area.

I noticed from a map of the area, that Old St. Mary’s Church is not far away. That caught my attention because that is the church where Catherine Pulskamp married Anton Dickman. Mary Klei Pulskamp, and her husband, John Bernard Pulskamp, however, were active at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, as I reported in an earlier post.

Thanks to Patricia and Tom for making the trip to the area and for sending us the great photos.


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